We are a private consulting firm formed by expert auditors, accountants, consultants and lawyers that seeks to provide your business with solutions to major problems, through specialized services of the highest quality. We have offices in León Gto, Querétaro, Qro and with presence in USA.


Our business approach allows our clients to know the risks in a timely manner, informing the opportunities and threats to their operation, providing greater security in decision making.


We have a solvent structure that allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality service, exceeding expectations in order to maintain our business relationship.


We have requirements and quality standards that allow us to provide deliverables with objectivity, ensuring confidence and credibility to our users.


Endorse with 10 years of experience


To provide an integral and professional service of the highest quality so that our client has the necessary elements for the solution of big problems, fulfilling their expectations to generate confidence by offering them better services.


We are a private consulting firm that seeks to increase the Value to Your Business, providing specialized services of the highest quality, providing accurate and reliable information for decision-making, reducing any uncertainty or threat, as well as taking advantage of strengths and opportunities in order to optimize profitability.


Order, punctuality, and responsibility are characteristics of the commitment of our team, with each of our clients and prospects, our clients consider us as a reliable supplier in all aspects of our services, we work under the strictest confidentiality and professional secrecy.

These are some of our services

We serve individuals and corporations

Tax Services

Due to the constant changes in the Mexican tax system, as well as those related to the global economy, we offer comprehensive services that allow companies to comply with their tax obligations.


We offer more than just a financial opinion; we provide a comprehensive risk analysis in a timely manner, which adds value and informs on the strengths and weaknesses of your business, to provide greater certainty in decision making.

Transfer Pricing

Our approach consists of analyzing beyond simple compliance with tax obligations. We seek to generate added value and applicable solutions for the structure of the company and the group to which it belongs.

Social Security Report

The audits for local IMSS and INFONAVIT contributions are important for the correct payment of the obligations of the companies and in their capacity as withholders.

Newsletters and Featured Articles

Determination of the Annual Premium for Occupational Risks Insurance

Determination of the Annual Premium for Occupational Risks Insurance

The Social Security Law and its regulations establish several obligations for employers registered with the Social Security, one of which is to review and determine their accident rate annually in the month of February in order to verify whether it is being maintained,...

2023 Annual Financial Statements Guide

2023 Annual Financial Statements Guide

In order to facilitate the compliance of corporate taxpayers, the Tax Administration Service has issued the guide for filling out the basic financial statements and accounting-tax reconciliation required by the corresponding application...


BDCC has supported us with ongoing advice on tax matters, such as the review of the annual income tax calculation (Current/Deferred), which has a positive impact on the company, since it prevents any tax contingency. His approach provides timely information on relevant tax issues that allow the company to keep its operations on track.

Christian Segura

Controller, Lindal de México

"Thanks to the specialists at BDCC they have helped us to speed up our VAT refund procedures, they have helped us in our workflow. I recommend any company to approach the tax experts at BDCC".

Javier Gómez

Controller, Márquez Brothers International

"BDCC has always been close to address any concerns on the part of the company, his humane treatment, but above all professional, has been key to the operation of the company in critical situations come out afloat, I recommend the professional services of BDCC".

Rodolfo Martinez

Accounting Leader, ISOCINDU

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We are a firm with a highly trained team committed to offer professional services of the highest quality for the solution of major problems of each of our clients.

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